Mother’s Day treat for lucky Mansfield player

28th March

One lucky lady is still pinching herself after winning £13,635.09 at Apollo Bingo Club in Mansfield on Mother’s Day evening.

Susan Bowskill, 44, from Mansfield Woodhouse, won the prize playing the first National Live link game on the night. The £25k total was shared with a customer from sister club in Rhyl.

Susan and her mum have been coming to the club on and off for years. “We always celebrate our birthdays with a game of bingo and for some reason we decided to come this Sunday as a Mother’s Day treat.

“I play paper bingo and sometimes played on the parti bingo boards too, which I did last night. Earlier on I was nowhere near getting anything on the boards but when the National Live was announced I thought I’ll just put a £1 in. The numbers seemed to come out really quickly, one after the other until I was just waiting on number 9. I pressed the claim button so hard I thought I was going to break the table! My mum thought I wasn’t playing for real at first.

“Play stopped and I was shaking. Then the tears started, it was quite an emotional end to the day!”

When asked what she plans to spend her winnings on, Susan said “My two teenage boys have already spent it – in their heads! I’ve thought about treating myself to a new car. And I’ll be showering my mum with lots of gifts.”

Susan added “We go to bingo but don’t ever think we’re going to win anything. It’s amazing, I can’t quite believe it. I keep chuckling to myself.”

The club is hosting a party to present the cheque to Susan on Sunday 9th April.


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