Black Friday Mega Deal

1st November

Friday Evening 24th November 

Play our FREE GAME where ALL CALLS on 60 numbers so or less will WIN this great prize!



 TV Free Game Terms & Condition – RULES OF PLAY

  1. Members will be handed out a voucher inviting them to come and pick up a Free Game Flyer at any Majestic Bingo Club on Friday Evening 24th The vouchers will be handed on the afternoon and evening session starting eight days prior to the event – including the date of the promotion.
  2. Members will be given 1 Set of 4 to View Free Game Ticket on Friday Evening 24th All members are only entitled to 1 set of 4, and no tickets will be available on electronic bingo terminals. The tickets played must be on a Link Ticket with Cardset 42.
  3. The game will take place on a Link Game at 7.30pm on Friday Evening 24th The calling club will be Barrow. The game is for a Full House and 60 numbers will be called. Any members shouting for a Full House on 60 numbers or less will win a JVC television or a Cash Alternative of £250. Any member who has a Full House must shout on the Last Number Called to have a valid claim. Barrow will check all valid claims for Full Houses up to 60 numbers being called. Once 60 numbers have been called the game has finished.
  4. In the highly unlikely event of NO WINNERS being found after 60 numbers have been called, Barrow will do a draw to find a 5 club winners, who will then each do a Free Draw for a TV or £250 Cash Alternative. All other 11 Majestic Clubs will do a consolation draw in house for £50 Majestic Vouchers.
  5. In the event of a technical issue and any clubs cannot connect, these clubs should play in house and call 60 numbers to find any winners in exactly the same way as the Link Game. There will be no deviation to the playing of the game to the Link Game taking place, and the same rules will still apply. All clubs who did not connect who have any winners must photograph the winning claims from the RNG, make a note of the 60 numbers called in sequential order, and keep the winning tickets for audit purposes and then also ring Eric Howell to inform him of any winners.
  6. Majestic Bingo Limited reserves the right to stop this promotion at any time.
  7. The decision of the Duty Manager will be final.

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