Saturday Bingo visit is just the ticket

21st April

Apollo Bingo Club in Durham is celebrating its recent big win, a further boost to its impressive track record.

The 79 year old Edith Coulson scooped £12,181.72 on the National Live on Saturday 15th April.

Edith, from Brandon, is a regular Saturday afternoon player and visits the club with her sister who she shares any winnings with.

“Everything happened so quickly, I looked up and the number I was waiting for was on the screen. I was so surprised, I hadn’t checked to see how much I was playing for – my sister was sitting with her mouth open. You could say it was a good afternoon!”

Edith has been playing Bingo for years. “It gets me out. My husband and I can pop out for a quick game and be back home for 9pm! I can’t walk very well so it’s nice when I get out and get to meet friends.”

“I won a few years ago it was £4,000, which I suppose would be worth around 10,000 now.” When asked what she plans to spend the money on she said, “New carpets! I’ll renew my wardrobe with new clothes too, there’s plenty I need! Plus treating the family.”

Edith who turns 80 in August has become a mini celebrity overnight. “Everyone knows about my win in Brandon!”

A party is being planned to celebrate the win where the cheque will be presented to Edith on 6th May.

Durham’s lucky streak has continued into 2017 with two customers winning a combined total of just under £20,000 on the National Live full house within a week of each other in January.

The total won by the club on the National Live in 2017 now stands at £32,165.50.

In February the club paid out a further to £4,800 to two customers on the Majestic Bonus, a company game and earlier this month one lucky winner scooped £3,000 playing the megalink.

The club’s General Manager Eric Howell, said “We love celebrating big wins in our club. The National Live and Majestic Bonus are both played daily in our club and have brought good fortune to quite a few of our customers over the years. Our congratulations and well wishes go to the Edith.”


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