Club Rules

Policies and prize money

All information regarding policies and prize money is subject to change.

All prize money advertised is what is paid out on a normal session. Prize money may be affected due to adverse weather conditions or other reasons that affect admission numbers. All prize money and policies are subject to Manager?s discretion.

Club Rules

You can find our Company?s full Terms & Conditions displayed in every club reception area.

In all matters the word ?he? in these rules may be taken also to mean ?she?.
1. This Club is owned by Majestic Bingo Limited, its Head Office can be found at Regent Bingo Club, Westlode Street, Spalding, Lincs PE11 2AE.
2. The objects of the club shall to provide opportunities for social and recreational activities and in particular the playing of bingo as permitted by the Gambling Act 2005 or statutory modification, amendment or variation thereof, an all other relevant legislation.
3. The proprietors and their managers reserve the absolute right to determine who shall enter the club and who shall be permitted to use the various facilities. Every person who enters and uses any gaming or alcohol facilities must be over the age of 18 years. Anyone appearing to be under the age of 25 will be asked for photographic identification. Any person under the age 18 years may not, by law win a prize. The Duty Manager may, at any time ask a person in the building or on land adjoining or belonging to the building to leave the environs of the club. No unlawful activity or other kind of misbehaviour shall be permitted by the manager in his club. Only those persons permitted under the various Gambling Acts shall be admitted and able to win prizes.
4. A list of fees and charges may be found on the ?Charges to Play? sheets, displayed separately which may or will show any admission charges which must be paid to gain lawful chance of winning prizes.
5. Every care is taken by the proprietors or their servants, mangers and their staff but no responsibility is taken for any damage to members or their property where specified by law.
6. A manager may donate a prize or prizes where allowed by law, the amount and frequency of such donations to be at the Managers behest.
7. It is an offence otherwise for any manager or member of staff to give or lend money to any individual player.
8. Games may be offered where the player has a choice of contribution for example ?free, three or five?. In such cases, each class of member, depending on their contribution or lack of it, will be accounted separately and all stakes, as prescribed by law, will be returned to the player.

Link Bingo & other rules

All the usual rules of play apply but in the link Bingo calls to the Games Controller at the Transmitting club are amplified so that all players in all clubs may hear. In the event of a claim being made in any club the game will be stopped and the claim and the decision thereon be made known to all the members before the next number is called.
2. The following information will normally be displayed at each club:
a) Opening and closing serial numbers of all books, EBT?s and cards sold in that particular club.
b) Before play begins, calling club will announce total tickets sold and total net prize money.
3. The numbers called will usually be repeated on indicator boards in each club.
4. The checking of claimants?? cards will be relayed live to all participating clubs. The detailed procedure for checking will be in all as all bingo games expect that the caller will obtain clearance from each club that there are no further claims before proceeding with game.
5. In the event of any technical break down in the Link all numbers called stand. The clubs which can continue to operate the link shall do so. The Club or Clubs from which the Link has been severed will continue to play the game as a Club game and a pro rata allocation of prize money will be made to that part of the game not completed or not started. Those parts of the game completed will stand as part of the Link.
6. The playing of the National Game is subject to rules displayed separately.
7. Any club rules may be superseded without notice.

Parti Bingo (Mechanised Cash)

1. The club rules for playing Bingo shall apply to Parti Bingo except where altered by these rules.
2. A participation fee at the rate indicated on the Charges to Play Notice will be charged for each game.
3. The activation of the visual indicator light at the player?s position is proof of payment and a prerequisite of any winning claim.
4. The prize money for each game is calculated by multiplying the numbers of players by the stake, less bingo duty.
5. A player may play more than one board if he/she wishes.
6. The caller selects a number by operating a random number selector or other similar apparatus and announces each number so selected. The number is deemed to have been called immediately the caller/autocaller commences to speak, even if he/she has only begun the words partly descriptive of the colour code of the number. The caller will complete any such call before entertaining a claim.
7. If the number is shown on the board the player closes the shutter. The player who first completes any line across, down or diagonally or other such combination as shall be advised prior to the game commencing must call immediately promptly claiming the prize. In the case of a full house game the winner is a player who completes the closing of all the shutters on his/her board first. It is the players? responsibility to make him/her heard by callers and have his/her claim checked.
8. Should more than one player be entitled to call, claiming a prize and does so in accordance with these rules, then the prize money for the game in question shall be divided equally among its winners.

Prize Bingo

The Club Rules for playing Bingo shall apply to Prize Bingo except where altered by these rules.
2. A coin or coins representing the stake money should be inserted in the slots provided. The insertion of the coin(s) will activate the indicator light on the top or side of each playing position, which will be accepted as proof of payment and is a prerequisite of a winning claim.
3. The caller selects individual numbers by operating a random selector or other device, announcing in turn each number and its colour. The number is deemed to have been called immediately the caller commences to speak, even if he/she has only began with words partly descriptive of its colour. The caller will complete any such call before entertaining a claim.
4. If the number called shown on the board the player closes the shutter. The player who first completes a line across, down or diagonally across the board or any such other combination as shall be advised prior to play must call promptly claiming the prize, by raising the board or if claim buttons are fitted by pressing that button. It is the players responsibility to make him/herself heard by the caller or to press a button to make a valid claim.

Bingo Rules of Play

1. A participation fee at the rate specified in the Charges to Play Notice will be charged per game. The prize money for each game is calculated by multiplying the number of tickets/playing positions sold by the stake less the participation fee.
2. The normal range of numbers in play is 1 to 90 (Alternative number ranges may be used dependent upon the game design)
3. At the start of each game the caller will confirm which book and/or ticket is to be played and which combination must be completed to win.
4. Where an all in session is played on paper tickets, if you wish to play less that the stated amount of games, you must notify a team member who will detach the surplus books. You must not alter or split the books yourself, as they will become void.
5. The caller will select a number by operating a random number selector or other similar apparatus and announce it. The number is deemed called once a syllable of a number or colour has been announced by the caller.
6. The number will also be shown on the indicator board. In the event of a discrepancy, the number shown on the indicator board shall prevail over that announced by the caller.
7. The customer who marks off all numbers claims the prize. You must be heard before the next number is called. The winning card must contain the last number called.
8. It is the customer?s responsibility to make themselves heard by the caller. In the event that you are in a separate area/room to the caller, you must establish whether a team member is in control of that area/room for bingo purposes. If there is, you must stop the game in sufficient time for the claim to be relayed to the caller to comply with rule 7 above. If there is no team member in control of that area/room, you are personally responsible for making yourself heard by the caller.
9. A team member will check the winning book/ticket and the caller will confirm whether the claim is valid. The customer must produce their membership card to claim the prize.
10. If more than one customer claims the prize, the prize will be divided equally between all players or, if applicable, each winner will receive the advertised minimum win value. In the event of the prize consisting in whole or part of a non- monetary prize this shall be carried forward to another separate game or be the subject of a play off or be substituted by a cash or a non-monetary alternative at Majestic Bingo?s discretion.
11. In the event of a mechanical malfunction, however caused, or duplication or incorrect game tickets being issued, either paper or electronic, resulting in multiple or duplicate claims, all claimants will equally share the declared prize.
12. A game is declared closed on the commencement of a new game.
13. Where more than 1 game is played on the same ticket, the 2nd game cannot be won until the1st game has ended and at least 1 number has been called.
14. Customers entering into any ticket sharing and /or prize money sharing arrangements of any nature, and whether formal or informal, do so entirely at their own risk. Majestic Bingo Limited does not accept any liability in the event of disputes arising from such arrangements or any sharing function offered on its products. Majestic Bingo?s only obligation is to pay the stated prize money to the player holding the winning bingo ticket once a valid claim has been checked.
15. In the event of a dispute which is not covered by the rules above, then the duty manager?s decision is final

Electronic Bingo Terminals

These are the rules unique to Electronic Bingo Terminals (?EBTs?). They are supplementary to the Bingo Rules of Play and form part of the General Club Rules.

1. Subject always to the Club Rules and Bingo Rules of Play, in the event of any system failure, our liability is limited to return of stake only. The company will not enter into discussion in respect of any potential win that may or may not have occurred where a game could not be completed.
2. Subject to the limits in your club, Customers are permitted to play an EBT simultaneously with a traditional method of play. However, irrespective of the number of tickets played, Customers may not use more than one EBT at a time in the course of their normal individual play.
3. Customers who purchases tickets in separate batches accept that 6 tickets may not contain all numbers 1 to 90. However, each ticket still has a fair and equal chance of winning.
4. Should the Company deem it necessary to charge customers for use of an EBT, and a paper alternative is not available, this charge will be clearly displayed on the Charges to Play sheet at the point of hire. If a paper alternative is available a notice detailing the cost and conditions of hire will be displayed at the point of hire.
5. Customers may be required to make a deposit in order to use an EBT which is refundable upon the return of the EBT provided it is returned in the same condition as when issued.
6. The Company reserves the right to refuse a customer the use of an EBT and is not bound to give any reason for such a decision.
7. EBTs can only be used in licensed gaming areas. If in doubt of what constitutes a licensed gaming area, please consult the Duty Manager.
8. Customers are responsible for their tickets and funds on any session that they purchase an EBT rental.
9. In the event of a player?s EBT failing and a game not being able to continue, that game will be declared null and void in respect of the player whose EBT has failed and all remaining stakes will be returned. 10. In the event of a win, it is the customers? responsibility to stop the game with a loud shout to make a winning claim.