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Mega Link

The Mega Link 2 page book for just £2 gives you more chances to win! 1st game pays out £5,000 Mon-Thur (£1k 1&2 lines and £3k full house) and £7,000 (£1k 1&2 lines and £5k full house) Fri-Sun. Page 2 is our Super30 in house game.

Rainbow Grand

Our Rainbow Grand link game is played every evening. You can win £1,000 on the full house plus an extra £1,000 on the Rainbow Jackpot Board.

Lucky 15 Link Games

Our family link MCB games are played by all our clubs at the following times every day: 6.25pm, 7.15pm, 8.15pm and 9.15pm.
Play from just 50p with up to £500 to be won!

National Live

Played in all of our Clubs with a chance to win big money! Read More >