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Big Wheels

Ready for the latest game developed across all Majestic Clubs? Hit the road with “BIG WHEELS” as we bring you our biggest Jackpot prizes! Just £1 per game, played every session and you could pocket up to £10,000!

Mega Link

The Mega Link 2 page book for just ?2 gives you more chances to win! 1st game pays out ?5,000 Mon-Thur (?1k 1&2 lines and ?3k full house) and ?7,000 (?1k 1&2 lines and ?5k full house) Fri-Sun. Page 2 is our Super30 in house game.

Rainbow Grand

Our Rainbow Grand link game is played every evening. You can win ?1,000 on the full house plus an extra ?1,000 on the Rainbow Jackpot Board.

Lucky 15 Link Games

Our family link MCB games are played by all our clubs at the following times every day: 6.25pm, 7.15pm, 8.15pm and 9.15pm.
Play from just 50p with up to ?500 to be won!

National Live

Played in all of our Clubs with a chance to win big money! Read More >