Children’s Charity Bike Ride goes to the Moon and back

4th September

Sixteen Majestic Bingo Clubs have embarked on another round of fundraising for Variety, the Children?s Charity that will finish on Friday 7th September with teams cycling 30 miles each in club with a goal of raising ?4,800 – the amount of miles to get to the moon and back (multiplied by 0.01).

The event will coincide with a weekend of industry wide charity bingo games to mark the end of the fourth year of fundraising for Variety.

Majestic are the industry?s biggest innovator and supporter of Variety, having delivered the largest average amount per club between 2015-18, receiving industry recognition and praise from Variety ambassadors.

Mark Jepp, Managing Director for Majestic Bingo Limited said ?You would go to the Moon & Back for your Children – the idea came from a team member at our Spalding club.? We took this concept and did some creative maths to bring the event to life.

?We?ve purposely chosen the date to coincide with the Variety Club Mechanised Cash Bingo (MCB) games taking place over that same weekend to support the final push to raise as much as possible to help improve children?s lives. We really hope it will create a great atmosphere in club with teams and customers getting behind us and having some fun! We?re working in partnership with local gyms to supply the equipment to get us on our bikes!?

The Bingo Association (which represents 99% of all UK retail bingo clubs) selected Variety as their nominated charity in 2015. Having raised ?750,000 over three years they are on track to exceed their four year pledge of ?1,000,000 by the end of 2018.

Since 2015 Majestic Bingo has fully supported the BA?s nominated charity; from the dizzying abseils, skydives, wing walks and log flume marathons to bike rides, walks, fetes and raft races as well as in house charity flyer games – to name a few!

As well as the September ?Moon and Back? charity bike ride, a five-strong team of daredevils recently completed the fastest Zip Line in the world, from the top of?the Penrhyn Quarry in Wales, reaching speeds of up to 100mph.

Mark Jepp, Managing Director of Majestic Bingo, added: ?We are now into our fourth year of Variety fundraising and the enthusiasm and dedication shown by everyone who get behind our charity endeavours still amazes me.?

Colleen Ettridge, Head of Fundraising at Variety commented ?It?s wonderful to see such imaginative and enthusiastic support for Variety.? This four year partnership with the Bingo Association has already seen 22 Sunshine Coaches presented to schools catering for pupils with special needs, as well as wheelchairs, specialist, medical and sensory equipment for individuals.? The legacy of this partnership will be felt for many years to come by children and their families?.

  • Distance to Moon and back = 477,800 miles x 1p = ?4,800
  • ?4,800 Divided by number of (16) clubs = ?300 per club = target for the night.
  • Majestic Bingo Limited achieved its three year company target of 100k weeks ahead of schedule, raising a total ?115,934.86, contributing 15% towards the total raised across the industry.
  • The company target for 2018 is ?13,500.


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